Moscow will become a leader in the increase in utility tariffs in 2017

Photo: Roman Templar/TASS

The government approved indexes change fees for public services across the country. According to the decree, the leaders at the maximum price rise will be Moscow, St. Petersburg, Kamchatka Krai and the Sakha Republic

Moscow will become a leader in the growth of utility payments in the second half of 2017, follows from the decree of the government of Russia about the indexes change fees for public services in Russia published on an official portal of legal information.

According to the document, the payment for housing and communal services in the capital for the second half of the coming year rises by 7%. In St. Petersburg, the Republic of Sakha and the Kamchatka region approved a growth index of 6%. Tariffs for public utilities in the Kemerovo region was allowed to increase by 5.9%.

The smallest price increase is expected in North Ossetia. There utilities will rise by 2.5%.

The Russian government annually determines the index of growth of utility payments in the Russian Federation. This value determines the limit of growth of payments to the Russians by region. In addition, this index serves to establish the maximum limits of the change of fees for municipal services in municipalities, said “RIA Novosti”.

The economic development Ministry forecast for the 2017-2019 predicted that the cumulative payment of the population for housing and communal services is expected to grow in 2017 and subsequent years by 4%, wrote “Kommersant” in October 2016. So, on 4% rates rise in heat tariffs for gas by 3%. Most likely, according to the forecast, will increase electricity tariffs for the population by 5%.

Utility bills for the last time in Russia has increased on 1 July. Fares went up by an average of 4%, followed by the decree of the Russian government.

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