Muscovite organized the murder of the adoptive parents for the apartment

Executioner for the adoptive mother and her husband was a young man, taken in someone else’s family out of compassion. The young man has coveted the property of the guardians and sent them to the light.

As it became known “MK”, 21-year-old Elijah settled in foster care 9 years ago. Then killed the boy’s mother, and her best friend took the orphaned child. The woman grew her own daughter, but the adopted son she did not lack attention.

Alas, this fall, two tragedies has ruined the once close-knit family. First daughter female, 13-year-old schoolgirl, fell out of the window of the 9th floor. This incident was preceded by quarrel of a teenager with his mother for ratings. The girl survived but in serious condition was hospitalized. And after only nine days disappeared the girl’s parents. On the day the police found that they brutally murdered, and organized crime adopted son! The young man coveted apartment guardians. Perhaps he thought that the girl would not survive after the fall. And to address the parents scoundrel hired his casual acquaintances, 19-the summer native of Uzbekistan named Paul and 18-year-old native of Kyrgyzstan named Timur. 18 September, he let them into the apartment of the guardians on the Big Kalitnikovsky the street. Man V’s strangled dog by the ceiling, the woman with his bare hands. Then the mob dumped the bodies in the Ramenskiy district of the Moscow region, where he was buried. From the house, the criminals took the Bank card and jewelry. Their plan was to sell cars the families of the deceased spouses, but the guards got on the trail of the killers and arrested them. The bodies of Muscovites have found.

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