Popular Saint. Blind Matrona of Moscow saw things and the human soul

What affectionate names do not call the Holy Matrona of Moscow! This intonation seems to be invalid in relation to our other defenders, even the most beloved.

In fact, because no one will come to mind to dignify Sergius of Radonezh by Sarguna, Nicholas – Niko, Xenia of St. Petersburg – Ksenia.

Svyato-Pokrovsky monastery. Believers came to venerate the relics of St. Matrona of Moscow on the day of her memory. Photo: RIA Novosti / Yuriy Kaver

And she was in the life of Matrona (real name – Matrona Dmitrievna – in life no one is called), and left. More than half a century has passed since her death, 6 years after her canonization in the face of all Russian saints and the long queue at the Pokrovsky monastery to its relics do not dry out. To her as kind, sincere and wise cousin. As to his not hesitating, not being ashamed of the small and neweconomy their worries, sorrows, and requests. Not worship – dropping hot, though not knowing a word of prayer, as if whispering in your ear, sometimes with tears, about simple your needs. “She… she was nice – said a young girl from the queue. – I really love her.”

“No explanation for the miracle…”

It is no coincidence that the same and depict it on the icons in fancy robes and crown, and a simple white kerchief and a dark dress – the one remembered, who knew and saw her. And she responds, soothes, tells in dreams fulfills her deathbed promise: “All, all come to me and tell me how to live about their sorrows, I’ll have to see and hear and help you.”

Matrona was born in the village of Sebino near the Kulikovo field in the Tula region, in the family of Dmytro and Natalia Nikonovich, the poorest peasants. They already had two sons and a daughter. The family lived in poverty, in God, believed, and worked from dawn to dusk. And the oven, which was heated with straw, and cooked and washed and slept in the winter. And fourth child, still unborn, the couple decided to give to the shelter, fed and learned to read and write will be. But on the eve of the birth Natalia saw a dream – that sat on her right hand a white bird with closed eyes. Illiterate, but his mother understood the dream as a sign, and a daughter, born on the day of St .. Matron, was named in her honor and decided to leave the family. And she was born with a congenital defect of the eyes under matted, as if neproroschennye for centuries did not have eyeballs. It is now such children are identified as disabled. For a people who believe she is the chosen one.

Matrona of Moscow: Russian Wang

But not only the blindness set her apart from the others. At night, the girl understand how to get out of a tight diaper, and in the morning the mother found her at the red corner house – on the bench under the icons, where she quietly spoke to Apple at the faces of the saints as family. And later, instead of play with dolls one went to the village temple and stood waiting at the door. By the way, the Dormition Church was not destroyed – as predicted by the Matron.

In these featured fate often necessary to deal with this “it is unclear how”. However, the poet said: “No explanation for the miracle, and I’m not a whale”. But the fact is: a blind illiterate girl Holy cow Nikonov became one of the most, if I may say so, the popular “current” Chudotvorets. The evidence of its miracles hundreds and added they to this day.

To predict the girl began very early, as a treat. Therefore, to the house Nikonovich went to the men and women of rumor about her. A Matron for 17 years and even obisnuia. Her helplessness and the constant bustle in the house all the more annoyed adults, the brothers Ivan and Michael, in the revolution yet become party members and Communists all this “religious stuff” was in those days does not need it. And in 1925 they got rid of 40-year-old sister from the yard of literally nowhere. How many of the saints Matrona led a wandering life, but told his mother: “I’m happy, and the poor are brothers.” Matron, arrived in Moscow, until his death wandered strangers: she lived on the Arbat, in Sokolniki, in the Petrovsky-Razumovsky, Tsaritsyno…

Moderntalking SV. Matrons, 1798. Photo: RIA Novosti / Alexander Polyakov

The eighth pillar of Russia

There is icon of Holy blessed Matrona of oxbow where she is – with open, living eyes. Not seeing in my entire life, she has seen it all – and events, and the souls of men. “Will Rob our king as sticky and in vain he abdicated from the throne, forced him” – she said long before 1917, But it was of high prediction and about her – John of Kronstadt. 14-year-old Matrona came to Kronstadt and listened to a sermon against the ungodly madmen. Suddenly father stopped to look at the girl in the crowd and said, calling her by name: “Come to me, stand back all, here’s my shift, the eighth pillar of Russia!” Heard that a few thousand people. “The eighth pillar” was interpreted as: she became a Holy Protectress of Russia after the 7th day of creation, when we hit times of revolutions, wars, and apostasy from the faith. True, and about the country she was taught to pray simply, at home – read the 90th Psalm, “he that dwelleth in the help of the most high…” (in common parlance – a “Live help”).

Said to have come to her for advice himself Stalin. And in 1941 Stalin was a visionary in Starokonyushenny lane (where she often lived in the family Zhdanovykh and died in 1952), and she told him: “the Victory will be yours. The people will win. And you are not to leave Moscow,” and the decision to evacuate to Kuibyshev Stalin was already taken, and a special train ready, and the bunker built. But he is known to have remained in the capital.

Matron many times wanted to arrest for lack of registration – except Zhdanovykh, it has not recorded. But the day before the arrival of the police she was moved to another location. Once a policeman caught her, but she said, “Come in, you got bad luck.” He obeyed, returned, and the house wife is sick, had an ambulance called, and she was saved. And the more he Matrona did not come: “For the blind will not go, she is my wife rescued”.

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