School psychologists will start to work differently

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School psychologists will be training programs in the future will work differently. Such statement was made Vice-Premier of the Russian government Olga Golodets.

This is due to the tragic events that occurred on 14 November in the Pskov region. Two escaped from the parents of ninth-graders, a boy and a girl, were hiding in one of the houses located in the village of Strugi-Krasnyye. They shot at police from the Windows, taking simultaneous video of what is happening. The house was stormed, after which police reported that the Teens had committed suicide.

“First of all [of this order] at the study of all psychological services, which exists to support our students. This case shows that the service is necessary to reorganize and strengthen its professional beginning,” – said Golodets.

“Unfortunately, those children who fall into such a difficult situation, not come to the attention of the so-called psychologists. That is, today, psychologists in schools most often focused on children in difficult life situations, children who live in the notoriously dysfunctional families and whose families already have emerged as dysfunctional. Hidden trouble, discomfort, lack of attention to the child, no human parents ‘ love and attention, the lack of time parents have for the child leads to more complex consequences, and sometimes tragic,” said Deputy Prime Minister.

The specialists of the Serbsky Institute will analyze the cases of suicides and other tragic incidents that occurred with students in recent years. On the basis of this information they prepare seminars and techniques – these materials will be used for retraining. Such a reform will completely change the entire service psychologists, will relate their methods of working with children, teachers and parents.

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