The body as evidence. Which bodies are “live” human emotions

Emotion (lat. emoveo — disturb, worry), even in its title already hides the concept of motion. Every feeling, experts say it is experienced by the human body. And it is even often characterized by the usual expressions: “heart”, “chest cold”, “gets” etc. Where “live” emotions in the body and how to recognize them in material Aephi.

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The connection with the body

Various strong emotions such as anger, fear, etc., cause certain sensations in the head, neck and shoulders. The scientists were able to prove that literally within the first seconds, after some negative experiences the person is automatically the tension of the jaw muscles, additional stress around the eyes and mouth. If the stress is regular, the person even small muscles can over time shorten. Depression may inactivate the whole body.

Explains the mechanism of expression of emotions is quite simple: due to muscle strain from blood flow, causing less supply of oxygen and accumulation of toxic elements. Tension may worsen due to lack of oxygen, for example, in a moment of numbness.

Love and happiness can be submitted to many as “something warm spilled”. Similar feeling a feeling of joy. This is due to the fact that the blood begins to run faster, but the muscles are not compressed, as is the case with nervous tension, but rather relax. As a result the person starts to feel better the flow of blood, and is regarded as a heat, which “is poured into the body.”

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Negative the finish

Negative emotions, unfortunately, are more diverse and are manifested in different ways. So, anger and stress lead to involuntary and sudden contraction of the jaw and muscles around the mouth. To reduce the discomfort that may arise, you should try to let go of the jaw, as if you tried to yawn or breathe with an open mouth.

Depression and anxiety lead to the appearance of wrinkles in the forehead. And it can happen quite unconsciously. To relax the muscles in the forehead should do a simple exercise: raise and lower your eyebrows 2-3 times. You can also work with eyes enough to close them tightly and then exhale and open.

Grief and suffering, according to Chinese medicine, “located” in the lungs. As a result of their stress they become weaker, which makes people more susceptible to infections. The person becomes secretive and withdrawn to such an extent that even cry how should not. Often, in this case by a squeezing sensation in the chest. To get rid of this oppressive sense of possible, taking a deep breath and starting to raise their hands so that they were at chest level.

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Shyness and feeling of insecurity usually “give” in the shoulders and heart. The man immediately slutwives, it may even shiver. In addition, due to the overall stiffness starts to not work vessels. To correct for this you should just try to shrug. And the heart will become easier, blood flow will increase. It is proved that the smoother the spin, the more increases the production of hormones of joy.

On shoulder area have an impact and mistrust and doubt. If the psychological boundaries of a person is broken, and he doesn’t trust his surroundings, then he tense up all the muscles of the shoulders and forearms.

Anxiety and fear are closely linked with adrenaline, and hence with the kidneys and adrenal glands. In addition, they may suffer and the digestive system.

To cope with the emotions of everyone in their own way. However, it is worth remembering that if you always be in tension, nothing good health is not over. So better to learn and time to relax even after the negative. Then all the emotions, say the ancient sages, will only be an excellent means of experiencing, mental maturation and healing.

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