The conductor in Yekaterinburg dropped off little girl at 30-degree frost

The mother of nine girls complained of Ekaterinburg the portal E1 at the guard who dropped it lost travel daughter from the bus at thirty-degree frost.

photo: Mikhail Kovalev

According to the woman, confirmed the message of the passenger who witnessed her daughter “drove the bus into the cold”, with the result that she had to walk three stops. “The conductor, — said the woman made a point to come out”.

The girls phone was temporarily unavailable due to a negative balance, causing her mother to the time “lost”. In the end, the girl got home an hour later.

In fact, the motor company, where is the conductor, the receipt of the complaint affirmed, agreeing that their employee acted “morally right”, and promised to conduct an audit.

We will remind that lately it not the first loud case of the exclusion of children from public transport in Yekaterinburg: in the summer of the passengers asked the driver to drop another girl with heart machine, which is due to show under clothes wire they thought was an explosive device.

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