The defense Ministry commented on the US statement on missile systems

Official representative of Russian defense Ministry major General Igor Konashenkov commented on the statement of the official representative of US state Department, John Kirby, called s-400 and the operational-tactical missile complexes “Iskander” in the Kaliningrad region “a threat to European security.”

“Former rear Admiral of the U.S. Navy, and now the official representative of us state Department would do well to know that Kaliningrad oblast is an integral part of the Russian Federation”, – said Konashenkov.

He noted that in Russia the security of the state is the prerogative of the government.

“Therefore, all complaints and suggestions about where, when, what and how on its territory, we must ensure their safety – it is better to leave at itself”, – he said.

In addition, the defense Ministry said that security threat is not Russia, and the saturation of Europe with weapons and soldiers far from “non-European” origin.

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