The first blow. Russian Sergey Karjakin won the game Carlsen

Champion is surprised and loses

After a draw in seven games for the title of world chess champion between Norwegian Magnus Carlsen and Russia’s Sergey Karjakin , one of the players finally managed to tip the scales in their favor. The 8th party was won by the Russian, playing with black pieces.

Champion, trying to surprise the opponent played the Rubinstein attack. To the uninitiated such a title hardly says anything, but it should be noted that a start in matches for the world crown was last used in 1890, when the Board was the first world champion Wilhelm Steinitz.

In the opening it seemed that Carlsen was able to puzzle the Russians, but soon became the champion for a long time had to think over their moves.

World champion, trying to use the advantage of playing white, went to the aggravation of the situation on the Board. In the conditions of deficiency of time he made several mistakes, with the result that the position was favorable for Karjakin.

Carlsen, who is considered a consummate master of the game in the middlegame and endgame, in this case proved to be not the best. The Russians also managed to realize itself, and forced the opponent on 51-m course to admit defeat. 8-I am the party lasted about five hours.

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Not a disaster, but big trouble

Surprisingly, the Russian grandmaster never in the match so far failed to make life difficult for the champion, playing white. But in the 5th game, playing black, Carlsen Karjakin made to be wrong, but didn’t use the opportunity to bring the party to victory.

Under the rules of the game after the 6th party there is a change of priority of color figures, so the 6-th and 7-th party Karjakin played white. As already mentioned, Carlsen took the part of the match without any problems. However, 8 party became fatal for him.

After the first victory, Karjakin, the account in a match became 4,5:3,5 in favor of the Russians. According to the regulations, on 22 November in the match of the day. 23 will take place on November 9th game, in which the Russians will play with white pieces.

No disaster to Magnus Carlsen has not happened yet. There is still four games, a third match and he has the opportunity not only to equalize the situation, but also to bring the opposition to win, not waiting for a tie-break.

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“I used ambitions Carlsen against him”

For this, however, Carlsen needs to show their best side, that he isn’t perfect.

Even before the match, many experts said the chances of Karjakin may appear, if he is able to bring Carlsen out of balance, making him nervous.

In the 3rd and 4th games of the match the Russian managed to save the situation in almost hopeless cases, that his opponent acted in a negative way. In the 5th instalment, as already mentioned, the Norwegian almost lost. That did not happen in the 5th party, happened in the 8th.

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After that champion gave vent to nerves, that is, to the fullest. According to the regulations of the match after party was to be held a press conference. She Carlsen came not in the best mood, and Karjakin have got held up. Then the Norwegian said that to wait for the Russians will not and left the room. As a result, the whites spoke with the press alone.

“The party was very tense, — quotes the words of the Russian portal — I used the ambitions of Carlsen against him”.

By the way, for such a move champion can be fined up to 10 percent of the owed prize money.

However, it is unlikely Magnus Carlsen is now the money that bothers the most. It is an urgent need to develop tactics that will allow you to take revenge. Otherwise, the global crown on the head of the Norwegian genius can not resist.

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