The teenager captured on video UFOs over Japan

Sixteen-year-old resident of Japan posted online a video which you can see moving across the sky mysterious object. As reported by the teenager to catch a UFO in the frame, he managed soon after the earthquake that occurred off the coast of Japan.


The earthquake of 7.4 magnitude with its epicenter located East of the coast of Fukushima Prefecture., happened this morning. Initially, the teenager assumed it was a meteor, somehow connected with the earthquake, but later, according to him, the boy came to the conclusion that the lens came something else.

To the video presented many reacted quite skeptical. Some Internet users lamented the low quality of the video, while others expressed suspicion that in fact the “UFO” is a common plane, leaving behind a small footprint.

Recently “unidentified flying object” fell into the lens of the cameras on lake Baikal. Scientists have studied the video agreed that brightly flashed object is a meteorite, but experts from Irkutsk state University, suggest that it is fully burned in the atmosphere, while researchers from the Ural Federal University, of the opinion that a little part of it still reached the Ground.

A month earlier a UFO in the sky seen by the inhabitants of Geneva, and shortly before that a similar object was seen in Lausanne and is located near Geneva in the French city. Experts did not comment on relevant videos, however, Internet users, most of them assume that the objects are drones.

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