The thickness of the earth discovered reserves of water contained in the minerals

Canadian scientists came to the conclusion that beneath the surface, at depths of 400 to 600 meters, there is a lot of water, which contains minerals, Interfax reported.

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Previously it was assumed that due to the huge pressure in the upper mantle of the Earth cannot be water contained in the magnesium hydroxide. But now scientists have found a type of brucite, which is resistant to pressure. It is now clear that water can be stored in the subsoil, but how much of it is not clear yet. Researchers believe that the mass of water in the minerals may be about the same as on the surface of the planet.

If geologists can determine exactly how much water is in the bowels of the planet, it will help in studying the processes of Earth formation, volcanic activity and earthquakes. In addition, scientists believe that understanding what is happening to the water inside the planet will help to study the surface processes. There is reason to believe that the disappearance of water from the Earth will inevitably entail serious consequences for the surface, for example, will disappear volcanoes. But scientists believe that it is for the safety of inland waters can not survive.

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