To blow them away. Win 5 images!

The new year brings with it not only the sea of bright emotions, but also a million different things. In this time trouble outfit for corporate parties we often choose at the last moment, making it impulsively or following the cry of the soul “well, it is necessary to buy something”. In the worst case you put on acquire a trophy one time and will feel uncomfortable in it. The best thing so slack with the tag in the closet. To take a rational approach to this issue, it makes sense to think in advance the images for all the festivities. What to choose, says an expert in the field of fashion and style Elena Mareeva.

Die, but buy. 10 things that should be in every woman’s wardrobe

1. Pantsuit

This season’s pantsuit “sounds” particularly fashionable and festive if it is made of brocade. Perfect for corporate parties: stylish, solemnly, in the spirit of the day. This outfit will fit a slender, youthful and very fashionable women. But keep in mind that the texture of brocade is very capricious: look fat, and some people will forgive, creating the effect stolen from the sofa idea. If you one of those for whom brocade too extravagant, or you do not plan this year to invest in a very fashionable thing, then invest in a bright colored suit. It can be purple, Royal blue, pearl, white, or red. Believe me, this kit will help you out in a variety of situations.


2. Tuxedo

Another win — win situation- a classic tuxedo. It can be draped over a light, flowing chiffon or satin dress, dress, combination lace or very spicy neck if you don’t want to blow them away until the third glass of champagne.


3. Cocktail dress

It is, by the way, doesn’t have to be black. Will fit and not very bright, concise and decor, classic style or urgency of asymmetric. The General rule is: the dress should fit perfectly for you to sit. It is advisable to match your character, occupation and age. Red lace, for example, “has the audacity” to vzroslymi. If when meeting a fiery red rooster you will certainly want to wear a dress in the same tone, I recommend you pay attention to the choice of cut and color. For delicate ladies fit candy or watercolor shades of red, for a more sophisticated — purple, Marsala, color of thick red wine with chocolate notes.

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4. Stylish jumpsuit

Overall the first season continues to save us in various situations of life and does so very successfully. A great option for a corporate party. Looks presentable and modern. Give preference to good fabrics that hold their shape well, the original cut neckline or cutouts on the back. It is important that the image did not seem commonplace. And this requires a dramatic cut or a beautiful texture. For example, a silk or satin jumpsuit color champagne, Bordeaux, emerald green, ruby red and all shades of the pearls will match the occasion and look elegant.


5. Velvet

Will fit any thing from a noble material, be it a dress, a jacket, a refined top or provocative mini-skirt. Best velvet looks in the colors of precious stones.

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PS Nothing came up, or how to put a look no matter what

If you don’t find anything fashionable and festive, do not worry. Makeup and beautiful styling coupled with accessories can make any evening unforgettable. Sure in your wardrobe be sure to find a suit or elegant dress, which can sound completely different with well-chosen accessories. Chandelier earrings, ring with large stone, striking bracelets, fancy brooch with feathers, a clutch bag metallic leather or embroidered with sequins, elegant shoes, etc. Remember that even a cheap new year’s eve sparkle with diamonds.


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