Trump spoke about the plans for the first hundred days of his presidency

The newly elected President of the United States Donald trump

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Donald trump has published a program of priority steps that his team intends to do after his inauguration. Among them — the withdrawal from the agreement on the TPP, the removal of restrictions on oil production, the fight against migration

The US President-elect Donald trump released a video message in which he spoke about his plans for the first hundred days in the White house. In the introduction he said that the transition team, which consists of real patriots, working very effectively on order to realize the main slogan for the election campaign to make America great again. Thus the main goal he called the creation of jobs for American workers and care about their wealth.

The billionaire explained that his team has already developed a number of decrees, which he intends to adopt on the first day of his presidency.

First he called the decree on the procedure of exit from the agreement on the TRANS-Pacific partnership (TPP). “I’m going to release a notice of intention to withdraw from the TRANS-Pacific partnership — a potential catastrophe for our country. Instead, we will negotiate a fair bilateral trade deals that will bring jobs and manufacturing back to America,” — said the President-elect.

In addition, trump vowed to immediately begin developing a plan to ensure cyber security. “I will ask the Pentagon and the Chairman of the joint chiefs of staff U.S. army to develop a detailed plan to protect critical infrastructure from cyber attacks and all other kinds of attacks,” he said.

The Republican also said he will repeal restrictions on the production of hydrocarbons, including offshore fields. “I will abolish restrictions that kill jobs in the field of energy production in America, including energy, offshore and coal, creating millions of high-paying jobs. That’s what we want, what we expect,” trump promised.

In the field of combating illegal migration, the President-elect promised that he will require the investigation of all violations of the visa regime by migrants. He promised to instruct the Ministry of labour to investigate all violations of the visa programs that worsen the situation on the labor market for American workers.

Trump also intends to introduce a rule that when introducing new regulations from the government should be lifted two old. For administration officials to be introduced a five-year ban on lobbying in USA and life is on lobbying in the interests of foreign States.

Trump said that this is just a small part of the steps to be taken to “reform Washington” and restore the middle class of the country.

Most steps mentioned by trump, is already sounded during his campaign.

Video: Transition 2017

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