A Ukrainian court has refused to arrest former head of Bank “trust”

A court in Kyiv region has rejected the request of the Prosecutor on the provisional arrest of the former Chairman of the Board of Directors passed on sanitation of Bank “the trust” Ilya Yurov, according to “Obozrevatel”. Russia had declared him wanted by Interpol

A request for provisional arrest of Russian banker Ilya Yurina in Borispolsky court of Kyiv region Prosecutor’s office appealed. In the end, as the correspondent of Ukrainian newspaper “Obozrevatel”, judge Vitaly Zhuravsky made a decision not to elect a measure of restraint.

The decision in the court explained the inability to “confirm the identity of Ilya Yurov”, writes “Obozrevatel”. The publication says that the number of his Cypriot passport does not match the number specified in the search card of Interpol, says the publication.

The judge explained that the decision had not yet come into force, Yurov can’t leave the Ukraine.

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