Anatoly Karpov: Karyakin able to pull the party with a hopeless position

Anatoly Karpov: I am familiar with Sergei. We played with him many times. A very responsible young man, friendly with a good sense of humor. As for chess, the ability of the extraordinary. It is no coincidence said about him: “Karjakin is the Minister of defense.” Remember the first batch of this match, as Sergei pulled them from almost hopeless positions.

“In my day…”

Dmitry Granz, “AIF”: What do you think about modern chess – do you like them?

Anatoly Karpov: Difficult to answer. Due to the fact that computers came into the chess theory of the opening (the initial phase of the party. – Ed.) became deeper and something larger. But if we talk about the technique, including about the endgame (the final part of the party. – Ed.) then we played stronger.

The first blow. Russian Sergey Karjakin won the game Carlsen

Together with Sergey is now working coaching staff. Is it fair to say that is responsible for the result, not one player and his team?

– No. This player sits at the Board and wins or loses a meet. Of course, he can listen to coaches and seconds, but only Sergei decides.

The best way to attain absolute concentration before the match – it…

– All depends on the person. Someone needs to just walk one, anyone want to play volleyball. I will say one thing: alternating mental work with physical will benefit anyone.

– Chess player, aspiring to a high rank, must have broad education?

– I think so. But, to huge my regret, many now stopped making it stop. I see that dominates an American option: can be something very good specialist, but in other areas – just a moron, sorry. Earlier on the fingers of one hand could be counted those players who have not had higher education. Today’s education is no longer to be necessary. Modern technology is great, of course, but long hours working with computers somehow took players away from the study of such important disciplines as psychology, philosophy, logic, mathematics, etc.

Sergey Karjakin: “Not that he is invincible, this Magnus Carlsen”

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Wife to help

– 26 years Karjakin, Carlsen – 25, their match for the chess crown is called “the youngest” in history. So, today in chess is inferior to the experience of youth?

– All this talk about “the young” are those who are on the chess no has no idea. Match in new York different from other fights for the crown only those that met the peers. Before that was usually the age difference. In General, and Magnus, and Sergey is now older than many players who became world Champions. This tal, and Kasparov, and Kramnik, and me. And, for example, Gata Kamsky was fighting me for the title of champion when he was 22 years old.

– Scientists say that some foods help to increase your IQ (level of intelligence). Are there any special chess diet?

– Not heard about that. My menu was quite ordinary. However, at Championships I always traveled with his cook. We had a night tests, because the meeting was postponed, and the presence of the person who prepares in such a situation is a definite plus. Including for reasons of food security. And I think a mistake that Sergei go to the tournament without a personal chef.
In General, the chess player it is important not to overeat. To go out after dinner from the table it is necessary with a slight feeling of hunger, then the energy is not wasted on digestion.

– Bachelor Carlsen, Karjakin married. Who is easier to engage in the chess case?

– I will say this: family can interfere. And if the wife is foolish, to disturb very much (smiles). But if the wife is smart, she will create the atmosphere of the house, which required her husband to come to work and give our best. And such wives a lot. Suffice it to recall Vasily Smyslov (the seventh world chess champion, 1957-1958. – ed.) and Nadezhda Andreyevna. Perhaps this is the benchmark relationship. It was a pleasure to watch on this pair.

On the way to “Armageddon”. 8 naive questions about match Carlsen — Karjakin

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Sergey Karjakin

  • In 5 years he heard in a commercial for the phrase: “Even a pawn can become a Queen” and began to ask parents: “What kind of pawn?” In 6 years asked in the section. At home playing with himself in chess, and sometimes crying… losing.
  • At the age of 11 played with Victor Korchnoi (a well-known grandmaster was then 70 years old.) “In the blitz happened draw, – said Sergey. – I was proud of, and he was very angry”. At 12 years and 7 months Karjakin became the youngest grandmaster in chess history.
  • Was born in Simferopol. In 2009 he changed Ukrainian citizenship for Russian. “Actually, I always considered myself Russian, – explains Sergey. But it’s not even that. In the Crimea it was difficult to develop – there is only one grandmaster”. Living in the suburbs.
  • Sergey prefers adventure and detective literature. Playing pool. Gave a simul to the management and players of “Spartak”. In one of the tournaments in jest taught Carlsen phrase: “Where’s my food?”
  • With his wife Galiya Sergey met at University (RSSU). In the fall of 2015, the couple had a son Alex. Galia never played with my husband at chess, but tries to accompany him during the tournament. Now she, along with Sergei in new York.

Mangus Carlsen

  • In 5 years Magnus knew all the capitals of the world and brands of cars. Then the father (also a chess player) planted his first time behind the Board. However, the interest in chess Magnus showed only 7.5 years when he decided to beat his sister. At the age of 9 he beat the father.
  • The first “popliteratur” Carlsen was books the Soviet chess school. Grandmaster was 13 years and 4 months (3rd in the list of the youngest). In 23 years in 11 seconds. checkmated bill gates (Creator of Microsoft).
  • Lives in Oslo, in a house with 6 bedrooms. Advertising contracts (Bank, communications company, etc.) bring him more than 1 million euros per year. Was the face of the youth clothing brand. Produces chess app for smartphones.
  • Carlsen studied the strategy of Napoleon and Hitler with the aim of the analysis of military successes and mistakes. Playing football. Rooting for real Madrid, know the President of the Spanish club (received from him a personal invitation to the matches). Vegetarian.
  • In the personal life of Magnus – silence. The most eligible bachelor of Norway said that my family to think about it before. Tournaments usually goes with his father. “I’ve been used to having him around. Every time he solves all household and other issues,” said Carlsen.

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