“Are you crazy?”. Who is Tomas Mateychuk and for that he was beaten on TV

“They also want to live like normal people”

Russian television talk shows have become increasingly unsafe for their participants, moving to a format of fisticuffs.

Another incident of this sort happened during the recording of the talk show “Right to vote” on TVC channel. Hot debate began with a discussion of the level of wages in Russia soon spread to the debate about what country life is better.

Polish journalist Tomasz Matejczuk said: “the Ukrainians — they also want to live like normal people, not … not like you.” This time leading Roman Babayan stopped the discussion, noting the pole, whether he understood his sentence. When Muzychuk repeated his definition, the host replied: “Yes, it’s you … live”. After that Macatuno was asked to leave the Studio.

To leave the pole would not, in the strongest possible terms continuing to exchange views with other participants in the program, are strongly advised Macatuno to leave the premises. Two-minute sparring moved first in the crush, and then into a full-fledged melee, in which ex-Ukrainian MP Ihor Markov had a Polish journalist hit in the head. The transmission stopped.

“Waiting for perestroika 2.0. You can’t avoid”

Mateychuk posted photos received beatings on his Facebook page, accompanied with a note as follows (original spelling retained — approx. Aify): “Humiliate Ukraine and Poland. We say prostitutes, say “hang up the creature,” say we should be burned with Napalm, saying that Romania vagrants ‘ country. Answer — In Romania the average salary is higher than in Russia. Russia is living in shit. Rushed the crowd. When they insult it’s good when a man says to quote Seeds Slepakov — they are offended and want to fight several people at one. Anyways, I was glad to learn that a very clever scientist Miheev no idea what the average salary in Russia, but he knows that in Poland everything is bad and probably nothing to eat. Russia — Wake up Romania’s GDP growth at 5% per year, “bagatskii” Romanians through smart policies and the EU is distilled in the sphere of the standard of living of the great Russia. Good luck to you!:) Waiting for perestroika 2.0. You can’t avoid”.

Lately Tomas Mateychuk became a regular in the Russian political shows on different TV channels. However, his biography deserves special attention.

A native of poznań Tomasz Matejczuk now 26 years old. In his own words, he became a journalist by accident, thanks to the “Euromaidan.” Prior to the events in Ukraine Tomas with his brother in his hometown was selling medical supplies.

The volunteer service of Ukraine

First, Mateychuk supplied humanitarian aid to the “Euromaidan”, and then connected to the so-called “volunteer battalions” and the Ukrainian troops are conducting a punitive operation in the Donbass.

Here’s what he wrote about the events in the Donbas Tomas Mateychuk in 2014 (original spelling preserved): “I don’t see any situation in which a civilian could complain about the actions of the Ukrainian soldiers. If we are talking about volunteer units, despite the fact that their actions are not controlled by the state, are unable to say anything bad. They unselfishly sacrifice their lives defending Ukraine. Local support their delivery of food and fuel. I couldn’t meet the “bloodthirsty Nazis-Bandera” in Lviv. To my surprise most of the volunteers came from Donetsk and Lugansk regions. Not met no foreign mercenaries, which, according to Russian media EN masse come to fight with the separatists… a Lie is also information about what civilian massively supported the “independence” of Donetsk and Lugansk. I really wanted to meet these people and learn what motivates and what have views. Among the hundred of the inhabitants of Donetsk region and about fifty Luhansk managed to find a few people that are explicitly declared by the separatists. It was older and retired people, whose views are justified by the return to the Soviet past. Why? “Because then we all feared.” In addition their support of the separatists is based on the desire to increase pension. New Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko called a Nazi, and the question of what exactly he is doing .. sounds like the answer is “he is against Russia, fascist, ugh”! The political consciousness of the opponents of the Ukrainian state is very low”.

Zakhar Prilepin: all how can, each other and name-calling. All freedom

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“I was at the forefront in the Donetsk airport”

In February 2015, Tomas Mateychuk gives an interview to the German portal ZEIT ONLINE, entitled “the Truce killed my friends.”

“Since may last year to support Ukraine. I helped as a volunteer to various battalions. First, I brought bandages and medicines for the wounded. For this purpose I gathered in Poland for a certain amount of money. Before winter I organized the delivery of shoes and warm uniforms. Now I took also the work of a reporter. I write in Facebook, Twitter, what I see,” says Mateychuk in an interview. During this period, the pole together with the Ukrainian army was in the area of Debaltsevo. Rather, he, along with the Ukrainian units have retreated from this locality.

“For several weeks there was fighting, now Pro-Russian troops occupied the streets. It’s a horror, soldiers, my Ukrainian friends are now in debaltseve under fire of heavy artillery. For them there is no way out. The city is lost. The truce is killing my friends”, — reported Mateychuk.

On the question of a German journalist about participation in the battles of Mateychuk said: “I was at the forefront in the area of Donetsk airport and the hangar, which was a bitter struggle. 16 times per day fired rockets from “Gradov”. It was a horror. Some of the Ukrainian soldiers killed in result of these attacks. When you hear these breaks over his head, glad that’s still alive. I saw a lot of dead. Also many of my friends died in this war.”

“Tomas, are you crazy?”

How did the hero who was in the forefront of the conquerors of Donbass, was on Russian television?

Mateychuk, clarifies this situation in his interview, which he gave to the portal Ukraina.ru in November 2016. Pole did not see eye to eye with Ukrainian neo-Nazis that were part of the Ukrainian “volunteer battalions”.

According to him, the turning point came with the torture, witnessed Muzychuk became the base of the battalion “OUN” in the Sand in December 2014. A young man, without any evidence accused of collaboration with “separatists” for several days, beaten, used as slave, threatened him with rape. When Mateychuk tried to intervene, his “associates” said, “”Tomas, are you crazy?”

“I then realized that these people are. All my illusions about the volunteer battalions have disappeared,” says Mateychuk in an interview Ukraina.ru — “It was the usual bandits. Not everyone, of course. But many of them. But the scandal I them to raise did not, because really scared that if I start speaking against them, they’ll just kill me, and then say that were killed in the shelling or a mine exploded. I heard repeatedly that drunk, fighters sometimes began to quarrel among themselves. In such quarrels, someone would die because of the firefight, and then the family reported that he died in battle. Heard about what happened in the battalion “Aydar”, the “Right Sector” and battalion “Donbass”.

The battalions of militia forces and ATO in Ukraine: who is who. Infographics

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Told Mateychuk and about his meeting with soldiers from the neo-Nazi unit of the SS “Dirlewanger” (SS “Dirlewanger”), who fought in the battalion “Aydar”.

“I’m one of the militants then asked: and do you know who was Oskar Paul Dirlewanger, the commander of the SS “Dirlewanger”. He replied that it was his hero. It knocked me out of the rut: what is a hero? This man, at first, was a pedophile. Secondly, during the Warsaw uprising in 1944, killed 20 thousands of Polish civilians” — terrified Polish journalist.

“I was accused of working for the Kremlin”

Mateychuk, to his credit, was a man of principle, and published in the Polish media news about how on the side of Kiev are fighting neo-Nazis. Believing that it was an accident, pole wrote to the security service, addressed to Ukrainian officials.

“I can’t find the answer to the question: why Ukraine is defending neo-Nazis, gives them work and makes them heroes? I spoke in the Parliament Yuriy Lutsenko, nyneshnim the Prosecutor General of Ukraine. When I asked him a question that Ukraine is going to do with neo-Nazis in dobrobatami, he said that such they have began to insult me, and then accused the Kremlin,” says Mateychuk.

The Polish journalist began a very serious problem. The same people who carried food and gear, hunting him as a “Kremlin agent”.

SBU has banned Polish journalist to enter Ukraine for five years

Added fuel to the fire incident in the European Parliament. Representatives of Ukraine organized in the European Parliament photo exhibition “heroes ATO.” Among the “heroes” were and action, adorned with tattoos with Nazi symbolism. At the last moment, when hearing about these photos has already passed, the organizers decided to hide the portrait in the back room, pretending it did not exist. But it was Tomas Mateychuk found hidden photo, showing that it is quite real. For this he was declared a “provocateur”.

After that, relations with Ukrainian media have Maracucha finally upset. “That feeling when political prostitutes call you a Kremlin agent because you are for the truth and for the European values”, — wrote bitterly of the pole in the social network.

Ukrainian journalist Rostislav Demchuk expressed regret that it is not met with Mazacam in the “zone ATO”: “I would sooner you clean water brought, and the guys or just be shot, or would have passed into the hands of the SBU”.

Mateychuk had to stop their activities in Ukraine. Moreover, the Ukrainian radicals have it at home in Poznan. To their threats pole very seriously.

“Soon will fly to the Crimea to lay flowers at the monument Wrangel”

At the end of October 2016, Mateychuk on his page in the social network posted a post that asked whether he should participate in the Russian political talk show? Although the visitors his page was rather against than in favor, 1 Nov journalist posted a photo of the passport with the Russian visa and advised to watch one of the Russian TV channels.

So, Mateychuk joined the ranks of the “combat experts” of the Russian political talk show.

November 5, the pole hinted in the social network “a new job with new possibilities” by posting a photo press pass. Despite the fact that a number of positions in the photo were retouched, it was possible to conclude that, Mateychuk starts to cooperate with one of the channels on a regular basis.

The war with the dead. Why Poland demolish the monuments to Soviet soldiers?

With regard to the political views of the Polish journalist, they are steel in different ways, that’s amazing.

“Muzychuk Russophobe! Guys, stop talking nonsense, writes the journalist on his page on “Facebook”, “I’m not a Russophobe, I have excellent relations with the Russian right. I respect the Russian Empire, Tsar Nicholas II, the white movement. Will soon fly to the Crimea to lay flowers at the monument Wrangel… I just admire Russian-Europeans. USSR, Stalin, Lenin is the destruction of the Russian nation and European Russia. Remember — to be against communism does not mean to be anti-Russian”.

You can try to combine Polish patriotism of Mr. Mateychuk with his respect for the Russian Empire, in which Poland actually was basically devoid of any independence. Not to mention the combination of sympathy for the “Euromaidan” and travel to the Russian Crimea, liberalism, and “excellent relations with the Russian right”.

In General, Tomas Mateychuk very extraordinary person. So extraordinary that it would be a pity if it is no longer will appear on the Russian television.

However, something tells us that pan, Mateychuk even after the story “p. nom” and the beatings will not leave Russia.

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