Checks: why trump can make the Secretary of state criticism of Russia

Donald trump and MITT Romney

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Favorite trump for the post of U.S. Secretary of state is MITT Romney. Critic of Russia and the policies of Vladimir Putin, a supporter of free trade will balance trump and to reassure Republicans, experts say

Suppressor for trump

Donald trump seems to want to ask the former Governor of Massachusetts MITT Romney to take the post of Secretary of state, writes the Wall Street Journal, citing people familiar with the discussion. Information that Romney will offer this post appeared last week. Over the weekend, trump and Romney held a meeting, but details of the conversation are not reported. Sunday-elect Vice-President Mike Pence said that the meeting was “very informative”.

During the election campaign trump and Romney sharply criticized each other. But both seem willing to leave it in the past, according to the Wall Street Journal. Washington Post columnist Kathleen Parker argues that Romney being calm can balance the impulsive trump and help the elected President to make foreign policy. Parker adds: knowing Romney about ten years, it can be sure — if that will offer as Secretary of state, he will agree, because it understands the duty of service to the country. CNN suggests that Romney may want Trump as a knowledgeable person who has an established global reputation and a predictable temperament. If in the end the choice will fall on Romney, it will solve several problems: calms the establishment of the Republican party, allies in the world and ensure a smooth approval of his nomination to the Senate, where Republicans have a majority.

The post for those who disagree

To move past disagreements may not be easy, as views on foreign policy trump and Romney disagree on many points. Romney never previously held posts directly related to foreign policy, however, in 2012, competed with Barack Obama in the presidential election and during the campaign four years ago has formulated its own approach to the U.S. role in the world. After losing the election to Obama, he public jobs, however, has repeatedly spoken out on foreign policy.

So, in 2015, Romney wrote a column in USA Today, where he urged Obama to abandon the agreement on the nuclear program with Iran. Trump also in the election campaign criticized the Iran agreement.

Republican Romney several times changed its attitude to the problem of climate warming. In 2010 in his book “No apology,” he called human activity is one of the reasons for the melting of ice, however, during the election campaign changed the views and supported the use of fossil fuels. And in 2015, again began to Express the human impact on global warming. Trump promised to withdraw the U.S. from the Paris climate agreement, signed last year. However, on Tuesday said that no final decision, he is considering all options.

The WSJ notes that Romney stands for free trade, while trump criticizes her. In early 2010-ies Romney warned about the dangers of isolationism. Trump on Tuesday declared that the first step will take US from the agreement on creation of free trade area with Asian countries (TRANS-Pacific partnership, TPP), however, added that the free trade agreement may be concluded on a bilateral basis.

The Iran deal and TTP were one of the main achievements of the Obama administration, in which Secretary of state first took Hillary Clinton and now John Kerry.

In China the views of Romney and trump are the same. As elected President, Romney promised to assign China a currency manipulator status, which would allow Washington to impose duties on Chinese goods.

Romney in the past also allowed the use of force to overthrow the regime of Kim Jong-UN in North Korea, criticized the democratic administration for not actively defending the interests of allies of Washington in Eastern Europe, as well as the policy of Russia.

In the world Romney is known not only for his political views, but misses. In 2012, his UK tour, Israel and Poland remember many awkward situations: the meeting with Prime Minister David Cameron, he publicly questioned the organizational perspectives of the London Olympics, triggering criticism of the then mayor of the capital of the Kingdom of Boris Johnson. The latter now occupies the post of Minister of foreign Affairs of UK and will have with Romney’s numerous business contacts if he will be approved.

MITT Romney

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Romney on Russia

“Important difference: the thug Putin kills journalists and rivals; our presidents kill terrorists and fighting force of the enemy.”
(December 2015, Twitter MITT Romney)

“The naivete of the President [Barack Obama] against Russia, its erroneous judgments about the intentions and aims of Russia led to a number of foreign policy challenges facing us.”

“Russia is, without doubt, our geopolitical opponent number one. They, whenever possible, support the most toxic players on the world stage”.

“Putin wants to be an authoritarian ruler, but it is not what the world needs”.

“They [Russia] are not our enemy, but a rival on the world stage”. (March 2014, an interview with CBS News)

“I’m not going to look through rose-colored glasses when it comes to Russia or Mr. Putin.” (October 2012, during the presidential debate)

“Of course, the biggest threat facing the world is a nuclear Iran. A nuclear North Korea is also a concern, but when these villains carry out their policies in the world, and we appeal to the UN in an attempt to stop them, when Assad, for instance, kills their own people and we appeal to the UN, who always stands up for the world’s villains? It is always Russia, typically with China”. (March 2012, interview with CNN)

The WSJ writes that although Romney is the most likely candidate, discussed other candidates. The team trump several groups: one supports Romney, the other, headed by former speaker of the house of representatives with newt Gingrich — former new York mayor Rudolph Giuliani, the third calls to wait with the definition of candidates.

American media and experts have dispersed in estimations of prospects of appointing Romney and efficiency of its possible cooperation with trump. According to Gingrich, Romney could become a diplomat, like current Secretary of state John Kerry, the main activity of which is in meetings with senior foreign officials in five-star hotels: “Trump needs someone the hard at the head of the state Department, someone who will be able to resist foreign leaders, somebody will say, “Wait a second, I represent the United States of America.”

The millionaire Mormon

MITT Romney was born in Detroit on March 21, 1947. His father George had no higher education, was a carpenter and sold aluminum paint, but in mid-life I became the first President of the Corporation to American Motors and then Governor of Michigan. MITT Romney received his higher education at the University Birgham Young Mormon, upon completion went to work in the mission of Mormonism in France, so speaks fluent French. He became the first presidential candidate — a Mormon.

Romney returned to the U.S. in 1969, married, in marriage he had five sons. Upon return he also received an MBA from Harvard business school and Harvard law school.

A big part of business life Romney is the investment Fund Bain Capital. In 2012, he declared $250 million.

Romney is also known as a successful Manager of the Olympic games. As head of the Olympic Committee in 1999, he saved the Game in salt lake city (2002) from the financial collapse. In 2002 he won the governorship in liberal Massachusetts.


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