Completed the digitization of historical photography collection of the TASS

Russian news Agency “TASS”, with the assistance of VTB Bank has completed the digitization and systematization of photographs from the archives of the Agency, reports TASS.

News Agency TASS launched the project “15 years of Putin: the beginning of a new era”

Unparalleled project was completed in the year of jubilee for Photokhronika TASS, which turned 90 years old. The results of the work summed up at a joint press-conference General Director of the Agency Sergey Mikhailov and first Deputy President-Chairman of Board of Bank VTB Vasily Titov.

Preservation of the photographic archive of TASS was conducted for two years. During this time, experts are digitized, scanned and processed more than 850 thousand photographs and text descriptions of them Dating back to the early 1920’s until the late 1980-ies. All work was carried out directly in the premises of TASS photo service that ensured maximum preservation of the originals.

Now all scanned images are loaded in the database of photo Department of the TASS and available not only to professionals but also to everyone. Most of the photographs from the archive has not been published before.

The results of the project published a photo album “the Whole country”. It included photos showing significant events in the history of the country for each decade of the twentieth century, including the conquest of the Arctic and outer space, sports victories, the history of the formation of industrial giants and more.

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