Discovered the relationship between happiness in his personal life and the health of your teeth

A group of researchers from the University of Queensland found that between the quality of a romantic relationship health of the teeth there is a relationship. If the person is sure that his love is mutual, chances are that he will not have problems with the oral cavity, is increasing.


Experts interviewed 265 people, most of whom were a little older than 30 years and led a healthy lifestyle. As it turned out, those participants in the study who avoided emotional intimacy with a partner, or been afraid that their relationship is not too strong, more likely to suffer from certain dental problems.

You can see that the data suggest a relationship between dental health and happiness in his personal life, but do not allow to clearly say that the former is a consequence of the second. It is possible that, on the contrary, problems with teeth are the indirect cause of insecurity and how to treat a person more. However, experts are inclined to a different explanation: according to them, people who have concerns about their own relationship, too wrapped up in these experiences to seek time for a visit to the dentist. On the other hand, those who are confident that their personal life is good, got to itself respect and as a result, you start taking better care of myself and, in particular, with the health of their teeth.

According to the researchers, initially they assumed that the willingness of the person to frequently visit the dentist is primarily determined by its financial condition. However, the economic factor was only one of many, which experts call the satisfaction of personal life, as well as the credibility of your dentist and more.

A study published in the scientific journal Quality of Life Research.

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