Experts have made a rating of regions of sobriety

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The project “Sober Russia” together with the Expert-analytical center under the Public chamber of the gathered data associated with the use of alcohol in all regions of Russia for 2015 and issued a rating. This rating takes into account not only information about how much and what alcohol I drank, the inhabitants of a particular locality, but also those triggered by alcohol mortality, the number of violations (each a third violation of the law, according to statistics, accompanied by a drink), the volume of sales of alcohol and the presence of a ban on its sale during certain days and hours.

Previously, the rating was already created, but this time in its preparation were taken into account additional parameters, for example, past ratings did not take into account the number of offenses, and they present information only on the consumption of beer and vodka. “The national rating of the sobriety of subjects of the Russian Federation in 2016” takes into account the consumption and also wine and cognac drinks, liqueurs and Mead.

It was revealed, what place, each individual region takes on each of the criteria, and then all this data is gathered together. The results of calculations of the regions arranged in ascending order of a finite number. First place went to the Chechen Republic with a score of 12.80 in — its inhabitants were the most sober in Russia. Another four seats in the first five occupied Ingushetia, Dagestan, Karachay-Cherkessia and Kabardino-Balkaria. Experts attribute such a “scenario” that in these subjects of the Federation quite a lot of people who profess Islam, but this religion is negatively related to alcohol. Most drink in the Magadan region (the rating against 46.63) in the Chukotka region, in the Komi Republic, the Amur region and in the Perm region. The capital was on the 28th place with a score of 33,39.

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