“In Germany killed a Russian world champion in kickboxing Musa Musalaev

37-year-old was shot dead near his house in Neu-Ulm, where he lived since 2013

Archived fotofoto: DPA/TASS

Germany killed a Russian athlete, the repeated world champion on a kickboxing 37-year-old Musa Musalaev, reports Deutsche Welle.

As noted, the crime was committed on November 18 in the German city of Neu-Ulm. According to eyewitnesses, the athlete was near his house, when he was run over and shot several times by unknown in the mask. He then immediately left the scene in a waiting car with a driver.

The crime is being investigated, but details were not disclosed. However, the head of the criminal police of Neu-Ulm jürgen Schweizer said that law enforcement agencies provide a wealth of evidence that “allowed the investigation to significantly move forward”.

Musa Musalaev was the captain of the Tatar team kickboxing Team Prince. From 2010 to 2013 he held the position of Advisor to President of Tatarstan on issues of physical culture and sports. Since 2013, Musalaev family lived permanently in Germany.

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