In Novosibirsk has sentenced a taxi driver who killed four passengers

In office of public Prosecutor of the Novosibirsk region reported that a court sentenced the 40-year-old Alexey Ivanov, who, in 2015, killed four women.

Taking a life away. “Kosogorsky killer” does not agree with a life sentence

As it was established during the investigation, from may to October, the man killed four women in the territory of Novosibirsk and Moshkovsky areas. He offered his victims a taxi service, and then took them into the woods, where he was killed. The body of the attacker buried.

The man was detained after the next crime. The experts diagnosed him with a sexual disorder, which drove him to commit murder. During the investigation the accused admitted his guilt and showed where the bodies of his victims. He later recanted his testimony. Ivanov was sentenced to life imprisonment in a colony of special regime.

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