In Otradnoe district of Moscow quarantined for rabies

By order of the mayor of Moscow Sergey Sobyanin at the estate until January 19 next year will be quarantined for rabies. This measure was adopted after a dangerous disease diagnosed the family cat, according to the website of the district.

What is rabies and how is it dangerous?

As explained by the head of the veterinary section of the “Otradnoe” Anna Avilov, sick cat spent the summer in the country, and after the family returned to the city, the animal became ill. The owners treated the cat, but he was getting worse. In addition, affectionate pet started to show aggression. Then the animal brought to the vet. The tests showed that the cat bole rabies. The cat bit and scratched seven people, they are now receiving preventive treatment.

Doctors urge to put pet vaccinations, this will work special points, where Pets protactinium free. Experts ask local residents to be attentive to your own health and not to come into contact with unfamiliar animals. In the case of a sting it is necessary to go to the emergency room.

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