In Paris withdrew the arrest of the assets of the top three Russian companies in the Yukos case

Court of appeal of Paris took the arrests of the French assets of the FSUE “Space communications”, “Goszagransobstvennost” and the RAMI “RIA Novosti”, reports TASS with reference to the General Director of the International centre for the legal protection of Andrey Kondakov.

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The court decision also apply to accounts receivable companies.

According to Kondakov, the assets of these companies had previously been arrested based on claims of former shareholders of Yukos. Thus was fulfilled the decisions rendered in 2014 by the Dutch court against Russia for a total amount of 50 billion dollars. April 20, these decisions overturned the District court of the Hague.

Kondakov noted that the seizure of assets of Russian companies in France were not justified, as these companies are separate legal entities and can not answer with their property for the obligations of the state.

Russia participated in the proceedings as a third party and supported the position of enterprises, the validity of which is now confirmed by a French court, said Kondakov.

The removal of the arrests will allow the French company Eutelsat to pay its debt to the enterprise “Space communication” in the amount of about 400 million euros. Kondakov stressed that the Russian side “welcomes the decision of the French court and sees it as a step in the right direction.”

Besides, Moscow hopes that the precedent will take into account the courts in Belgium, where he now also holds hearings about removal of arrest property of the Russian enterprises in the country.

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