In the suburbs, buyers are able to save the girl choking on a candy

The usual candy was the cause of the tragic death of three girls in Podolsk, near Moscow on Monday. The child choked on candy, which he gave to grandma.

photo: Gennady Cherkasov

As it became known “MK” accident happened about five o’clock in the evening. At this time, Eugene and his wife Tatiana were at work. Home for their children – young Faith and 10-year-old Oksana – looked after living with family mother Yevgeniya Marina (all names changed). She then gave a treat to a child. The girl suddenly began to choke. The woman was confused — she didn’t know how to help Faith. Without hesitation, the woman grabbed the girl in his arms and ran outside.

The eyes of the buyers grocery store on the street of Marshal. terrible picture appeared – from a nearby Mall-the entrance popped an elderly woman with half-naked child in her arms. With terrified eyes grandma ran into the store and begged for help. She explained that the granddaughter choked on a sucking candy. To help a lost child rushed to the buyer. The man turned the girl on her stomach and began to pound on the back, in the hope that Lollipop will pop out from the throat of the child. But it didn’t help. Then another man was unhappy to do artificial respiration, but it does not save the dying. After a couple of minutes the girl pulled out, she literally turned black, completely stopped breathing. At this time the medics arrived, which caused the witnesses of the incident, but they could only ascertain the death of the baby. Once Marina realized that the granddaughter died, she lost consciousness. The paramedics had to pump already crushed by the misfortune of the woman.

As told “MK” the senior assistant administrator of GSU SK of Russia across Moscow region Elena Fokina, on this fact being tested, the results of which procedural decision will be made.

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