Killed “Prince of Tatarstan” kickboxer musalaeva haven’t seen homeland

In the German town of Neu-Ulm shot and killed 37-year-old Musa Mutalieva, who played in the club’s “Prince Team International” for Tatarstan. Reportedly German media, musalaeva killed at the entrance to his home. The offender in the mask immediately disappeared into the waiting car, at the wheel which sat his accomplice.


Musa Musalaev

At the age of 37, the fighter nicknamed the “Prince of the Republic of Tatarstan” was the owner of a number of higher titles in kickboxing, Thai Boxing, Bushido and other types of martial arts.

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The chief of police of the city jürgen Schweitzer did not comment on the assumption that “the Prince of Tatarstan” was related to “Russian mafia” in Germany, however, assured that it has important evidence that will soon be able to shed light on his murder. Did not comment on these rumors and the interior Ministry in Tatarstan, saying that Musalaev did not come to the Republic for several years.

If there is some comment about it, I believe, only by the Ministry of internal Affairs of Russia, – said the representative of the press service of the Ministry Maxim Kostromin.

In response to a request of the correspondent “MK-the Volga region” to comment of the Minister of sports of Tatarstan Vladimir Leonov, who was the Director General of the Executive Directorate of the XXVII world summer Universiade 2013 in Kazan (before this, incidentally, is Director of the famous KVN team “Four Tatars”), and Musa Musalaev – official Ambassador of the Universiade 2013 at the Ministry website appeared suddenly dry message: “we lost not just an outstanding athlete, but also a man with active life position and high moral principles.”

But that said, the Executive Director of Federation of a kickboxing of the Republic of Tatarstan Ilnur Garipov:

– Musa Musalaev competed in professional kickboxing, we are engaged in the development of Amateur children’s and youth kickboxing. In addition, from 2013 lived in Germany, and no contact with our Federation is not supported.

By the way, before his departure to Germany, Musalaev visited Kazan in the summer of 2012 and told local media that not only is proud of the fact that he is a Tatar and “to play under the flag of Tatarstan Republic is a great honor!”. But also wants “to open a Tatar school sports in Moscow.” However, it seems later this idea he refused.

It is noteworthy that on the eve of Kazan started the world Cup in Thai Boxing, and accreditation, pre-weighing and lot of participants took place the day before. In fact, besides the numerous titles of world and European champion in kickboxing and mixed martial arts MMA Musa Musalaev was also a world champion in Thai Boxing. And if not for the sudden death could come to the capital of Tatarstan. Therefore, the correspondent of “MK-Povolzh’e” asked the representative of the organizers of the Kazan tournament was not listed among its members Musalaev.

– No, I specifically clarified this question in Federation of Thai Boxing of Russia, – said Ruslan Shigabetdinov. He never participated in such competitions, because they are among athletes, enthusiasts, and Musa Musalaev made a career in professional sports.

It should be added only that the ferocious warrior is the winner in the ring had two higher educations, including Humanities, and writing good poetry:

“When the fight goes harsh nomad,

Does not matter who is the opponent.

No matter the clan name,

The battle takes the soldier from Tatarstan!”

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