Media: scientists said that smartphones are bad for men

Men using a phone too often, or wearing it in the Trouser pocket, face problems with fertility, according to a number of media, citing recent scientific research.


As reported, the experts conducted a study, which was attended by over a hundred men and found that excessive use of smartphone negatively affect the quality of sperm, and specialists tend to believe the reason for this thermal radiation and other smartphones.

It is worth noting that the media is spreading this news, do not mention any scientific or educational organization to represent the scientists conducted the study, and did not mention whether their work is published in any scientific journal. Also not to mention that a hundred people isn’t a big enough sample.

In the course of this year was published a number of studies, the authors noted that spend too much time with a smartphone can be harmful to the health of children. For example, in April a team from South Korea found that the misuse of such gadgets can cause young users development of convergent strabismus. And less than a month ago, scientists from king’s College in London concluded that children who use a smartphone or tablet before bedtime, slept less, and their quality of sleep decreased. As a consequence the day they felt less cheerful, and experts say that is not the only problem posed by the systematic lack of sleep. Scientists have summarized the results of the 20 earlier studies, which together involved more than 125 thousand children from four continents.

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