Microcephaly caused by the zika virus, can develop after birth

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The consequences of infection with zika virus can be more serious than previously thought. It is known that infection during pregnancy may trigger the development of microcephaly, a congenital malformation.

Now, however, revealed that children born to infected mothers Sicoi, microcephaly developed in utero, and after birth.

Scientists watched 13 kids, head circumference which immediately after birth were normal. In the first months after birth, 11 they developed microcephaly during the scanning of the brain has been noted that brain volume has declined gradually developed inflammation and abnormalities of development. Doctors diagnosed their innate Zeke’s syndrome.

The children were observed and other symptoms. In 10 of the 13 had problems with swallowing, seven had epilepsy, five experienced high anxiety. All children had suffered from hypertension and all had increased muscle tone.

The obtained data only confirms the view that the zika virus and the consequences of the infections they still are not well understood and research in this area should be continued.

According to experts of the world health organization (who) in Brazil were about 2100 cases of children born with microcephaly associated with the zika virus. This is only the official statistics, in reality, such cases are much more.

Recently the who announced that the zika virus is no longer considered a global threat. A state of emergency was in effect from 1 February.

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