On Mars discovered the sea, comparable to the largest freshwater lake of the Earth

Experts at the American space Agency NASA found on Mars, underground deposits of water ice. The amount of water ice sea has been able to compete with lake superior — the largest freshwater lake in the world. Deposits located at a point about halfway between the Martian equator and the North pole.

photo: pixabay.com

The region of the red planet, which discovered the sea of overgrown water, is called the Plain of Utopia. There is a circular plain with a diameter of about 3 300 km, likely represent ancient impact crater. In latitudes where it is located, the water can’t persist on the surface in solid form in thin and rarefied atmosphere it would turn into steam and subsequently left the planet. However, in the bowels of the planet, as it turned out, is the frozen reservoir, total volume is about 14 300 cubic kilometers, and the thickness reaches 170 meters. Experts suggest that to access this water ice should be easier than many other deposits, which was previously known.

According to scientists, the inclination of the rotation axis is constantly changing, and a complete cycle of changes lasts for 120 thousand years. Planetary scientists suggest that the deposits found in this area of the planet, when the inclination was stronger, and the ice of the polar regions have moved closer to the equator due to the temperature change.

According to scientists, this new information will allow a better understanding of how water is distributed in the Martian subsurface, and it will enable a more complete view of the planet as a whole. Also, the findings may have practical application — to date, it is not excluded that participants of future Mars missions will use the ice to replenish the fresh water reserves.

About his discovery, scientists reported in the pages of scientific publication Geophysical Research Letters.

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