Opaque sphere. As the PMR will restore the economy?

As it turned out during the meeting, the Transnistrian young people do not like the low wages in the country and lack of prospects. Because of these conditions, many already went abroad. Questions on this subject was made by the students of Tiraspol branch of the Moscow Institute of entrepreneurship and law at a meeting with Vadim Krasnoselsky.

The policy of integration with Russia. Krasnosel’skii answered the questions of voters

Personal opinion

In the opinion of the candidate PMR Vadim Krasnoselsky, to resolve this problem, it is necessary to consolidate each graduate for a specific employer. To help to accomplish this needs a planned and systematic education in the country.

But such a measure will not solve the problem completely. “Without the development of business and entrepreneurship — declared Vadim Krasnoselsky, it is impossible to imagine the emergence of new jobs on the territory of Transnistria”. And all this is possible, he said, only with the involvement of Russian investments in the Republic.

The students agreed with this argument, but then wondered how the real integration of the economy of Pridnestrovie in the Russian economy, given the geography of Transnistria and its location surrounded by not very friendly countries. In answering this question, Vadim Krasnoselsky noticed that the Republic has become the General rule to write off all the trouble for the neighbors — “evil evil Moldova and Ukraine”. However, he noticed that the market largely depends not so much from external as from internal factors. “The situation on the market depends on competition, and competition depend on the cost”, — said the candidate.

The secret of cohesion. The PMR showed the unity of the peoples of the Republic

Strategic partnership

He also recalled that the Russian market is strategic for TMR, but its share in recent years dipped to 8% of total turnover. In fact, this figure speaks about the economic disaster, however, has all the levers to remedy the situation. And he, as a presidential candidate, will do everything for this.

The second factor to attract young people noticed Krasnosel’skii, the construction of housing for young professionals. And for this, the Republic also has resources on career, brick factory, production of steel and cement. “We have it all, which means that they can build themselves, — he stressed, — and for this we need to revise tariffs, and to the production of building materials and the construction itself has become cheaper.”

Also at the meeting was a question from teachers about the economic policy of the PMR, which is often called a failure. Particularly disturbing for the inhabitants of Transnistria opaqueness of decision-making in this area.

Is Vadim Krasnoselsky promised that his first act if he wins the election will be a decree on the elimination of secrecy in economic relations.

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