“Pushed into the bus by force”: the details of the war of Tula carriers in Moscow

Today’s incident in the Parking lot near the metro station “Krasnogvardeyskaya”, where the bus Novomoskovsk-Moskva laid the bottle of gasoline, has a long history. War for the redivision of the bus market, which could become passengers, there are two carriers already not the first year. Potential culprits of the current incident has already complained to the Tula region Governor Alexei Dyumin a victim of this incident: that the carrier carries out illegal activities and did not just attack. The injured businessman, who was able to contact “MK”, in turn, States: the letter is nonsense.

photo: Gennady Cherkasov

“…Today …. carries out illegal activities, carrying out REGULAR transportations on the route of [our UI] under the guise of execution of Charter flights in the following order:

Buses leave from … as “red” marked “CUSTOM” and then in the way of change for signs with the route number 900Н “Moscow (as “Warsaw”) – Novomoskovsk”.

And from the bus station in the town of Novomoskovsk in the buses with signs No. 900Н “Moscow (as “Warsaw”) – Novomoskovsk”, – lurid details in the letter, the scheme of fraud by the carrier.

– Today the Prosecutor’s office in Tula region have requested my documents for transportation, says the victim is a businessman. – I have provided. While he was definitely a temporary solution for transportation, but if it is permanent is unknown.

“Also, 29 Jun 2016 was attacked buses operated by OOO “Avtostar” close as “red”. Unknown persons 8-12 persons, armed with baseball bats, knives, fittings, smashed the Windows, slashed the wheels of our buses. At the scene arrived employees of FSB, the police, the Moscow criminal investigation Department”, – we continue to quote a letter to the Governor.

– Nonsense, they can themselves these massacres staged? – asks the victim of this incident. They carry people illegally. Leave buses outside the station and sell tickets by cash. Price reduced to one hundred rubles. And sometimes straight shouting into the megaphone: who will hand over the ticket, he will travel with us for free. Pushed people on the bus power, if only less people got.

Buses is that the carrier is set on fire three times in the last two months.

Over the last two years we have already set fire to 16 vehicles. Eight “Ford”, three “cars” and five large machines. But we also need to work.

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