Putin has congratulated journalists of the RT after the resolution of the Russian propaganda

Photo: Zurab javakhadze/TASS

Vladimir Putin hopes that the media will not face real constraints after resolution of the EU on countering Russian propaganda. The head of state said that there is “degraded” representations of the West about democracy

The President of Russia Vladimir Putin has congratulated journalists of the TV channel RT and Sputnik Agency for productive work after the adoption by the European Parliament resolution on countering Russian propaganda.

In his view, journalists who are mentioned in the EU’s decision, “are doing very actively, effectively and skillfully their work.” The head of state expressed hope that the real constraints on the media will not follow after the adoption of the resolution. He stated that he hopes that “common sense will prevail” (quoted by TASS).

Putin said that Western countries are trying “to teach [Russia] democracy.” However, in the opinion of the President, in his efforts, the West resorts to ban something that “is not consistent with the principles and norms of democracy.” “And the best way is always an open discussion,” — said the head of state

He explained that he was not aware of the adoption of the EU resolution on combating Russian propaganda, and this information was news to him. “If such a decision is made, it suggests that we see a very obvious degradation in the political sense of the word the conception of democracy in Western society,” — said Putin.

In a resolution adopted by EU Parliament, argues that Moscow will introduce in the European countries “hostile propaganda”. According to the authors, information risks are RT, Sputnik Agency and the Foundation “Russian world” and the “Rossotrudnichestvo” under the Ministry of foreign Affairs. The resolution recommends that the EU do more to combat manifestations of propaganda, however, be remembered here about freedom of speech.

The adopted document also calls on the EU to resist the propaganda publications from the banned terrorist organizations “al Qaeda” and “Islamic state”.

The Sputnik Agency considered the resolution a direct violation of freedom of media and human rights. The chief editor of RT Margarita Simonyan assured that the channel will continue its work and broadcasting. It is said that RT will continue to give the Europeans an alternative point of view.” Simonyan expressed the hope that “Europe will eventually look at themselves and be horrified by what is happening”.

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