Putin raised the issue of officials who have become academics

Vladimir Putin threatened dismissal of officials who have become academicians of the Russian Academy of Sciences, reports TASS.

“Grand challenge.” Academician – about the possibilities of Russian scientists

It is high-ranking employees of Administration of the President, some ministries, as well as FSB, which joined the ranks of academicians and corresponding member of the Russian Academy of Sciences, despite the fact that at the end of last year, the President turned to his subordinates asking them not to combine scientific research and civil service.

About the new academician from among the officials, Putin spoke at a meeting of the Council for science and education. The President asked the head of the RAS Vladimir Fortov, why the number of academics in spite of his request came the officials.

The FORTS replied that they “deserve what they have elected them”, and that they received permission from their leaders.

“Why did you do it? They are the major scientists that without them the Academy of Sciences cannot do? And the second question: what do I do now?” – asked Putin, saying he had “to give them the opportunity to do science” as “scientific activity is much more important than the performance of some routine administrative duties in government and governance”.

The President also expressed doubt that officials will be able to research as fully and with the desired results.

According to the RAS in late October, its membership was elected a member of the Federation Council Arnold Tulokhonov, who became an academician, Deputy Minister of internal Affairs – head of investigation Department Alexander Savenkov, head of the Department of registration and archival funds of FSB of the Russian Federation Vasily Khristoforov and Deputy Director for science of the Russian Fund of fundamental research Igor Sheremet, who became corresponding members of the Russian Academy of Sciences.

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