Russia is developing a 3D printer for use on the moon

Employees of the Samara state technical University, NPO imeni S. A. Lavochkina Museum and exhibition center “Cosmic Samara” working to create a robotic complex for 3D printing of the objects a stone on the moon. A working prototype of the “moon” a 3D printer is planned to create till the end of 2018.

photo: Gennady Cherkasov

Organizations involved in the development of the printer, signed the tripartite agreement during the recent meeting in Moscow. As experts explain, now also working on technology that allows by means of focused beam of sunlight turning to stone lunar soil. This stone is supposed to serve as a material for 3D printing.

As expected, the 3D printer will allow, including print protective shell for stone taken from the Land modules as well as artificial stone objects that could subsequently be used as a navigation system on the surface of the satellite.

Experts believe that the ability to create certain objects on the moon may be more attractive from an economic point of view, than the prospect can get the same objects from the Ground.

A week ago, the General Director of rocket and space Corporation Energia Vladimir Solntsev said that the landing of the first Russian cosmonaut on the moon is scheduled for 2031 . Earlier in the second half of the 20-ies of this century is expected to unmanned flight around the moon and landing on its surface landing module, operating in automatic mode.

Recently, American experts from the Idaho National laboratory announced that they have managed to create a powerful and compact nuclear reactor that could be useful to ensure the energy future of alien bases. Although primarily intended for the database that humanity ever hopes to build on Mars, it can also be useful on the moon.

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