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Alexander Kuznetsov, the deserved trainer of Russia on Cycling

Three of my players (Dmitry Sokolov, Kirill Sveshnikov, Dmitry Strakhov) is not admitted to the Olympics in Rio. They have never been found to use illegal drugs, passed a huge number of doping tests, but a few days before launch they said, “Guys, the Game is not for you!” The basis for the dismissal is that the athletes mentioned in the report of McLaren, saying that in some strange correspondence between the training Center teams and RUSADA (Russian anti-doping Agency. – Ed.) flashed the names of the cyclists. What a conversation, what it was is unknown. It seems to be involved in this notorious Rodchenkov (former head of the Moscow anti-doping laboratory. – Ed.).

Report to WADA on the use of doping Russian athletes. Abstracts

Guys slandered, deprived them of the opportunity to compete for an Olympic medal, 4 years of preparation went down the drain! McLaren must answer for it. So we served in the canadian court directly at him. Why not do it with us athletes and Paralympians? I think they have a little different situation.

We are now preparing the necessary documents, no doubt that I will win, because we’re being punished for anything. I hope that the Ministry of sports and Olympic Committee, we will support.

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