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Specialists of the company Yandex has studied search queries related to health, medicine and drugs. They analyzed which searches the website is shown from the medical Yandex.Directory+ in the period from September 2015 to August 2016.

Health is one of the most popular topics for searches. Every minute in Yandex sent more than 5 thousand of inquiries regarding medications, diseases, symptoms, search doctors, clinics and much more.

About a third of all queries (34%) are associated with the drugs – users are interested not only medicines, but herbs, supplements, homeopathic remedies, all that has or can have healing properties. However, homeopathy people are interested in the least – she is concerned only about 0.4% of queries.

In queries often mention a specific disease or disease symptoms. The most common cough and he, for example, more than three times more popular than cold. As expected, most queries about cough and runny nose had for months, traditionally associated with an increased incidence of viral respiratory infections, the peak of such requests was in January.

By spring, the epidemic is on the decline, people are getting ready to leave. In April some of the popular requests have queries about diet and nutrition users to actively lose weight for the summer. In January, before the new year, diet interested people is much less. In may, the leading topic of the queries has become allergic. In the summer people were sick less frequently and, accordingly, the number of thematic queries decreased. Most queries about health was recorded in March.

About 16% of all queries associated with a search of doctors or medical organizations of various profiles: most users were interested in children’s medical institutions, dental clinics and antenatal clinics and maternity hospitals.

Every fifth inquiry, concerning health, contains a reference to specific parts of the body. Inquiries about children’s health are often associated with the teeth, and the users who are interested in fitness, mention muscles. When you search for specific diseases mentioned more often than other the uterus, heart and liver.

According to Yandex search, fall 2015 – fall 2016

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