The German police was brought in to investigate the murder of kickboxer musalaeva 25 people

In Germany, Neu-Ulm, by an unknown intruder was shot multiple world champion kikboksingu Musa Musalaev, known as “Tatar Prince.” The reasons for the assassination remain is not yet known, police are investigating.


Musa Musalaev

The murder was committed Friday night, November 18, near the house on Breslauer-Strasse, where he lived, the 37-year-old athlete. Witnesses said that musalaeva shot at the entrance of an unidentified man, whose face was hidden by a mask. Immediately after the shooting, the assailant left the crime scene first on foot and then sat in his waiting car, a dark color with the driver.

How to tell German media, winner of several League titles Musa Musalaev was captain of the kickboxing team of the Republic of Tatarstan “Prince Team”. And in 2010-2013 he was the adviser of Plenipotentiary of the Republic of Tatarstan on issues of physical culture and sports.

If you believe Wikipedia, who had two higher educations (economic and humanitarian) Musa studied the history of the middle ages, literature, wrote poems, tales and lullabies for children. He told reporters that grew up in a bad neighborhood, and he had every day to fight on the streets to fend for themselves. Over time, I started studying Thai Boxing. And the first time the world champion on Thai Boxing among the professionals, he became in 2009 in Thailand. He also won the world MMA tournaments and Championships in kickboxing.

In recent years he lived permanently in Germany. According to the newspaper Südwest Presse, it is not clear why Musalaev moved in 2013 in Neu-Ulm with his family, they had the status and what he did in Germany. The police confirmed that the victim had Russian citizenship and that he lived with his wife and three children in the apartment buildings on Breslauer-straße.

According Südwest Presse, the investigation team, investigating the murder of Musa Musalaev was increased from 16 to 25 employees.

Investigators have already collected from the time of the crime by numerous witnesses. Thus, as specifies the edition of the Augsburger Allgemeine, the police have not commented on the rumors that the deceased could be “contacts with the Russian mafia”.

Also the police don’t see a direct connection of the murder of Russian kickboxer with the same crime committed seven months ago, located about 120 km from Neu-Ulm the city of Bietigheim-Bissingen (Baden-württemberg) – was also killed 35-year-old former kickboxing world champion, owner of one of the schools of martial arts. The killer (his face was also hidden by a mask) managed to escape and, despite the efforts of the police and declared the award (10 thousand euros) for help in catching the criminal, he was never able to find.

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