The government has not approved and disproved project ban the IPS to sell beer

The Ministry of economic development reports that the Ministry called the extra measure banning the sale of individual entrepreneurs of beer, reports TASS.

In facts and figures: beer is less popular in the world only water and tea

“The introduction of a ban on the retail sale of beer, cider, Poiret, Mead individual entrepreneurs in the current situation on the market of alcohol products appears to be excessive,” said the spokesman.

In turn, the Ministry of Finance, the Agency explained that such a bill is now not being developed, and priority is the issue of combating the production and trafficking of illegal vodka, and dissemination quasimetallic products.

Note that now this activity is not subject to licensing and is of a notifying character.

However, in mass-media there were messages that PI wants to ban to sell beer at retail from 1 July 2017.

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