The guardian of the mind. Why do kids keep diaries?

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Each of us must have been in a situation when someone invaded our personal space, and eventually learned more about us than we were willing to tell us about yourself. Agree, it was unpleasant. There was a feeling of violence and deceit.

But when we become parents, our relationship to personal belongings and personal diary of the child changes. Sometimes, to convince myself that it would be more correct to education and security of Chad, we want to be aware of what he was thinking in secret from mom and dad.

Keeper thoughts

Why do kids keep diaries?

“The dead don’t talk. So should I”. The diaries of children of war

Through the diary children:

Relieve emotional stress. Describe the problem paper sometimes like to discuss it with a loved one. However, there are situations, which to discuss is not always desirable. And is there an age when it is easier to write than to speak.

Conduct self-analysis. Sometimes, in order to understand the logic of their actions, you must first record them, and then reread.

Record the memories. Many — children and adults sometimes need the feeling of continuity. A record of events and combining them into a chain helps to achieve this feeling.

Fill in the gaps in communication. Some children do not receive the portion of real contact, which is necessary for the harmonious development and sense of being a popular man. The kid in the cartoon came up with his friend, Carlson, and many keep diaries, which tell everything.

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What to do?

Did you know that your child has a personal journal. Surprised? Still, after you think that any problem child can and should come to you. This is a misunderstanding. The diary of thoughts is not a sign of mistrust to you, but a sign of growing up. This means that in his life there were changes that he may be himself unaware. Maybe there was something that he was very expensive. In any case, it will take time — and your precious baby, which has long been is not, will be ready to open their inner world in front of you. And yet not on him.

To read or not to read the secret notes? Decide for yourself. You may first need to think about the emotional state of the child: whether he is cheerful in General or was too closed? Complains of the loneliness? It is possible to prevent the immature actions of Chad, is to run through a couple of pages to capture the mood. If you run into a disturbing notes act. If you understand that the child just shares with a notebook of thoughts, — shut the diary and rejoice that your child learns to understand their feelings and actions, then he is growing, growing.

But if you found out that you don’t like? The child has skipped class, lied… Not in a hurry to inflict a scandal. Any secret the child must be considered your friendly because it’s the only opportunity to show that you can be trusted to not less than notebook paper.

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