The psychology of teenagers. Deaths of children again, blame adults?

We will remind, some days ago teenage sweethearts got into the private house (the stepfather of the girl), opened the safe with the weapon. To come to them relatives met aggressively, then started to shoot at arrived on the call the car of militiamen, literally isrelative her. A few hours the children were live video “from the scene” on the Internet, and when I stopped to get in touch, special forces stormed. But the teenagers were already dead. According to militiamen, the young man shot the girl and then killed himself. In the suicide notes they wrote that such a step they pushed their parents do not approve their romance.

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This tragedy, not excluded, could have been prevented if you would take into account the psychology of the teenagers, says Katerina Murashova, a psychologist, a writer: “Teenagers are very excitable, easy to change the mood, and the life they value much less than adults. And in this case the guys are still “pozabotilis” going into the social network.

What is known about the police shooting by students?

In addition to the efforts made, it was necessary to stifle in the area of the Internet, and kids to warn into a megaphone that no one sees or hears. Further, to say that nobody is going to attack, perhaps to put food on the porch – because the kids were hungry. The food was a sign of good intentions, and would include an appetite – and when the child wants cookies, he no longer thinks about the other. If adults did so, the likelihood that children will be decided on a fateful step, would be higher. It is clear that to ignore the trouble in the minds of these children it was possible before. Constant scandals in the family, the lack of meaning in life, no Hobbies other than drinking, sex, etc. – this way of life could not lead to anything good.”


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