Victims of sexual violence helped therapy photos

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In the U.S. one in six women have experienced sexual violence in one form or another. More than half of the fairer sex who had such a sad life experiences, develops post-traumatic stress disorder and this treatment helps not every. Existing therapy for some women appears to be useless, disorder symptoms appear again after some time after the disappearance. Abigail Rolbiecki (Abigail Rolbiecki) University of Missouri (University of Missouri) has proposed a new method which reduced the number of manifestations of these symptoms.

In the small study involved 9 women who at one point in their lives victims of violence. Each of them was handed a camera and asked to take pictures that would reflect what had happened to her, as well as illustrates the repair process after injury. Each week all participants met and discussed. After these meetings, women organized a photo exhibition, to enter which was only possible by invitation. The aim of the exhibition was to tell visitors about the violence and how survivors feel people. After the event, Abigail Rolbiecki talked to each party separately.

The author of the study said that the described method was useful for patients. According to them, the symptoms of the disorder were manifested less frequently, women tend to blame themselves for what happened and added that they have become stronger thanks to phototherapy. The expert commented that women took pictures that reflected their strengths and weaknesses, photographed the triggers that forced them to recall their experiences and filmed as they tried to seek justice through justice. The discussion of these photos helped the participants to accustom to the triggers, stop-react on them and also to soften the experience, Recalling it in a safe environment and feeling the support of the group. Abigail Rolbiecki added that the meeting helped the women to distance themselves from the victim role.

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