Who will protect the patient? Clinical guidelines will improve the quality of medical care

These are questions being asked either of us if something went wrong and the health and even the life of friends and loved ones could not be saved. In other words, how to assess the quality of medical care?

The Ministry of health a few years ago for the first time systematically approached the solution existed for decades in our country, the problems of quality of care. The leading physicians of the country were gathered together in expert groups to develop clinical guidelines documents, which we have in history has ever had, and they determine around the world, who and how to treat it. Not bureaucratic, namely, from a professional point of view. Today these recommendations have been produced under two thousand – for all the main diseases.

It is not only important what you are doing, but when. If the reception at Laura need to wait two months, then how can there be quality, even if he is a virtuoso? In 2013, health Minister Veronika Skvortsova has promised to introduce in the state program deadlines expectations of medical care. And 2014 such terms directly prescribed in the documents, and now everyone can demand their execution. No – contact the insurance company.

By the way, this year the Ministry of health has forced insurers to take steps to meet the patients: the country began to work Institute of insurance representatives, who shall be helpers and protectors of patients ‘ rights. From July 1 insurance companies are created round-the-clock “hot line” on which it is now possible to obtain information on the terms and conditions of receiving medical care. And from January 2017 insurers will create the service SMS-notification about the necessity of passing the examination, care about their health, etc.

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Appeared uniform criteria of quality of medical care they prescribed in the order. Did the doctor required inspection, examinations and tests to see whether the patient needs medication on time? If any of the above items are not met, then there are grounds to speak about poor health care. What would be the reason for the examination of quality of medical care? Of course, the complaints of the patients or their relatives. In this case, the expertise required to carry out within 60 days.

In General, the quality of medical care in our country finally started a thoughtfully – don’t just hit the tails. Apparently, so the death rate went down.

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