A Moscow court refused to collect 6.5 million rubles from Babakulova

Khoroshevsky court of Moscow refused to pay Gulchehra Babakulova 6.5 million rubles as compensation of material damage to the parents of the murdered girl and her mistress burned her apartment, Interfax reported with reference to the announcement today of the judge’s ruling Victoria Koteneva.

Why Uzbek nanny-killer Bobokulov released from a criminal sentence?

The court came to the conclusion to leave the declared claims without consideration, the document says. The civil suit, according to the court, it is impossible to satisfy in the framework of criminal proceedings, since the defendant was released from criminal liability. The court suggested the victim to seek damages in civil proceedings.

Today, November 24, the court released Bobokulov from criminal responsibility and sent her to compulsory treatment in a specialized inpatient psychiatric hospital.

Previously had filed a civil lawsuit to 6.5 million rubles, of which five require to recover the girl’s parents, and a half – the hostess set fire to Babakulova apartment.

29 February in the North-West of Moscow after a fire in an apartment on the street people’s Militia were found the headless body of four girls.

Later, near the metro station “the October field” arrested the babysitter of the child, 38-year-old native of Uzbekistan Gulchehra Bobokulov, who was walking down the street with a girl’s head in his hands and shouted “Allah Akbar”. She later confessed to the murder.

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