“At the Bolshoi theater explained the age limit for evening performances

Theatre set the rules by which children under 10 years are not allowed at the evening performances, as they get tired and interfere with other spectators

Photo: TASS, Sergei Fadeichev

Bolshoi theatre restricts the admission of children up to ten years for their evening performances to young spectators do not interfere with the performances, said on Thursday “Interfax” in the press service of the theater.

The press service noted that after the adoption of the law on the protection of children from inappropriate content Bolshoi points to the posters of his performances the age of the recommended viewing. However, as noted in the Bolshoi theater, this is a recommendation, and the attendance of children under this age may occur at the request of the parents of the children.

“Another thing is the rules of visiting performances, set by the theatre. In accordance with these rules for daytime performances start children from five years old, and in the evening with ten years. These rules are spelled out on the tickets and at the box office and on our website. In General, this is a worldwide theatrical practice. Compliance with these rules we try to follow. The age limit of the public evening shows due to the fact that the children in the evening hours often get tired, fussy and interfere with his behavior to other spectators,” – said the press service.

Earlier in social networks actively discussed the publication of the fact that a five year old girl who came with their parents to the evening performance of “Swan lake” at the Bolshoi theatre on November 22 and was not allowed to play. It was alleged that this evening on the show failed to get in several families with small children, also came to the theatre.

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