Blogger of the taxi. The driver puts Internet video on their passengers

Petersburger Boris Orelsky works in a taxi for eight years. During this time, he moved thousands of people in St. Petersburg and Leningrad region. Many passengers will remember forever Boris: so unusual and amazing was the trip with them. To share interesting moments from your job, Orelsky started a video blog in which he lays out recording real trips with entertaining the passengers. Now for the weekdays the taxi driver was following already 10 thousand people, and the number of subscribers is constantly growing. “In a simulated and unnatural, fictional commercials, and I show it like it is, explains Boris the success of your channel. — My video real people tell me this taxi driver their life story. Life without embellishment is something that is lacking in the modern people!”.

Peter — Brown. As the taxi driver made a favorite hero partner

As a passenger stripped naked

Over the years, in a taxi, a resident of Gatchina Boris Orelsky drove to Petersburg and Leningrad region, a lot of people. Sometimes the trip was pretty mundane, but often, passengers remember Boris their wise reasoning or, conversely, inappropriate behavior. Orelsky always shared stories about the unusual passengers with friends and acquaintances and they listened with great interest and looking forward to new stories. May these stories never went beyond a narrow circle of people, if not for one case.

Once Boris was bringing two friends. Suddenly during the journey on the highway a woman who was in the passenger seat next to the driver began to undress. The advice of a taxi driver and her friends to stop were in vain: she took off all her clothes and continued on his way naked. On the road the woman several times asked Boris to stop the car, get out of the car naked and went back in front of other stunned drivers. Orelsky was also amazed by the cheeky behaviour of the passenger, however, brought both her friends at the destination. “This incident so surprised me that I decided: it is urgent to start a blog — says Boris. — Of course, such things I couldn’t put on the Internet, but my memory was a huge amount of interesting passengers, which I would like to show people!”.

Vlog about the everyday life of taxi driver

Boris has equipped your car with a webcam and started on your very own YouTube channel, where and began to put videos of trips with various passengers. Channel Orelsky was named “Everyday taxi driver.” Boris writes in the video almost your entire day, and then chooses interesting material. Videos Orelsau helps nephew, and the rollers enter the network. The taxi driver recognized: the Internet is only a small, the most interesting part of these trips, because not all passengers are talkative. “If the person is not tuned in, I won’t bug him to talk, — said Boris. Often the passenger himself strikes up a conversation and makes different interesting thoughts, showing his erudition and scholarship. With such people the trip goes unnoticed!”.

Profession of the week: taxi driver. 7 interesting facts

Is the same and so that people remembered the taxi driver’s not talking, but already his appearance in the car. Videos of these trips Boris prefers not to publish on the Internet. So, once in a taxi to the village Orelsau an elderly woman who was completely inadequate. “She said I’m a good driver, and three minutes later all of a sudden began to smack me on the head with a bouquet of roses — laughing cab driver. — Soon she already apologized, but then again, bill flowers, and all along the road. When we finally arrived, my passenger said that she was fine in the car, and nowhere to go she is not going to. Passers-by probably saw an interesting picture. White day, a lot of people. At the entrance the cab driver stops and tries by force to remove from the car the elderly woman who actively resists. Must be a thought that I’m inadequate!”.

“People were trying to get on the move and singing”

Stories about the unusual passengers on Boris a lot. “People were trying to get on the go, passers-by shouted various insults, telling me poems, sang, says Orelsky. — That just was not in my car!”. To the delight of the taxi driver, he often get all the same not weird, but smart and interesting passengers, which cause the Boris only positive emotions. Video about these trips can be viewed in the blog Orel. Among the passengers caught in blog cabbie trucker cheerful, interesting man is a philosopher and a Gypsy, who bought treats for Boris because he helped her to recharge the phone.

From such passengers, the taxi driver gets a lot of positive for the day. Boris is sure that soon he will not leave work in a taxi, because it brings him so much joy! Together with positive emotions to Orelsau came in and downloads: already know many fellow drivers and passengers. As a rule, they all immediately try to start a interesting conversation to get into the blog to the taxi driver.

“The job of a taxi driver to know everything!”

In addition to clips with passengers Orelsky posting videos with your reasoning about the profession of taxi driver or experiments in which the taxi is easier to earn money. The plans of Boris — shoot a series of humorous videos about what are passengers, the taxi driver and how to behave with them. After eight years of work Boris can find a way to virtually any companion, unless of course, he is not in a state of strong alcoholic intoxication.

“Many passengers like to spend the road is not silent, and in communicating with me, — Boris tells. In a sense, all taxi drivers and psychologists. We are listening to passengers and give different advice. Discuss family relationships, at work, and now the most common topic is politics. We all know the correct answer, we are taxi drivers! All know — it’s our job!”.

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