Coffee “rusiano” register as a brand — media

Rospatent has received several applications for registration of the trademark “Rusiano”, reports RIA Novosti.

What is rusian?

It is reported that the patent office received three applications for the registration of a new brand.

The documents were filed capital, LLC “Fast” (TV channel “Fashion TV Network”) and OOO “IPEX group” and advertising company “TRC Service” from Ekaterinburg.

It is noted that the designations meet “Rusiano” and “Rusiano”, “Russian” and “Russiano”, “Rossiyskaya” and “Russianskaya” and “Capuccino” and “Caputtino”.

The application for registration of the brand as an individual entrepreneur filed from St. Petersburg, Viktor Pasternak as an individual entrepreneur.

It is worth noting that the first of this name officially used by the American restaurant chain Burger King changing us to “rusiano” in your menu.

Recall that to rename black coffee Americano “, rusiano” proposed by Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev.

We will add that in 2014, in some Crimean café Americano name was changed to “the Russians” and “Crimea.


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