Finland is not considered a direct threat to the rocket complexes of the Russian Federation on the Baltic sea

The placement of a Russian missile system in the Baltic sea the Finnish authorities do not consider as a direct threat. This was stated by the Minister of defense Jussi Niinistö, says France Presse.

Sore point. What to expect from the presence of “Iskander” near Kaliningrad

According to the Minister, he did not notice the Russian leadership and the inclination to threats against his country. However, he noted that the negative spiral of actions can lead to certain, even random events.

As an EU member, Finland should help others its member countries. It also means support in times of crisis, said Niinistö in a local broadcast channel.

Earlier, the defence Ministry of Russia confirmed the deployment to Kaliningrad oblast of mobile missile complexes “Iskander-M”. Agency spokesman Igor Konashenkov said at the time that did not do the big secret.

The Kremlin said that Russia is taking all necessary measures to protect himself against the actions of NATO at its borders.

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