In Africa the priest was treated for cancer insect repellent

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One of the clerics in South Africa, pastor Letaba Rabalao (Lethebo Rabalago), communicate with your congregation using a not so common methods. Proclaiming yourself a prophet, a priest from Limpopo “cures” the disease of the people with the help of insect repellent under the name “Doom” (in English this word means “doom”). The man himself, declares that in this way he blesses his flock, and claims that with faith in God’s ability to cure cancer and HIV.

First about the strange priest learned users of the social network Facebook, in which Leebo Rabalao published photos from the service. On these frames shows how he sprays the product on the bare skin of people, including their faces. According to the pastor, one of his parishioners has helped, cured her of abdominal pain, not uchihashi since then, as it is in 2014 gave birth to a child, as well as from eye disease. The priest said that everything on the planet belongs to God, and there is no difference what to use as medicines.

The company, which produces Doom, said that already tried to contact Letaba Rabalao and asked him to stop the misuse of the product. According to representatives of the manufacturer, they are against such application of the insecticide because it is dangerous for people, as detailed in the instructions on the package. The regional government initiated an investigation into the actions as Rabalao and other priests as “healing” with the repellent is not the only case of strange behavior of the religious leaders. So, in 2014 Lesego Daniel (Lesego Daniel) forced his congregation to drink petrol and eat grass and flowers, and in 2015, Penuel Mnguni (Penuel Mnguni) was feeding the flock with stones, claiming that in the stomach they turn into bread, and snakes and rats, persuading people that it’s chocolate.

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