In Paris the two sisters from Qatar robbed of $5.3 million

This is a story with cinematic quickness. Therefore, I will describe it in cinematic style. This past Monday two, as stated, well Packed sisters arrived in Paris to Le Bourget airport on a private plane from Qatar. It was already night. They were met by the driver of a luxury Bentley. As soon as the car drove on the A1 highway leading to the capital of France, ahead of them loomed a black “Peugeot-406” with clouded glass. At some point the car braked sharply and forced Bentley to leave the motorway at the curb. The rest was, as they say chess players, a matter of technique.


Three men in balaclavas got out of the car and neutralize the driver’s “Bentley” with tear gas. Then they took the Luggage of the sisters from the trunk of the car. Literally in seconds the kidnappers are saddled their cars and were as follows.

As reported then the police, the driver of “Bentley” noticed in the hand of one of the robbers gun the moment he got out of the car. But on him no gun is not instructed. None of the sisters, too, were not injured physically.

It soon became clear that they stole jewelry in the amount of $5.3 million And this is only the estimated total amount of named victims.

Spouksmen police said that the daring operation was in advance and well planned. “It was not the fruit of improvisation. The RAID was targeted,” — said the representative of law enforcement bodies Luke Panian.

A bandit RAID on the sisters from Qatar – one of a series of robberies of rich and famous visitors of Paris. These robberies cause understandable dissatisfaction of the tourism business, carrying huge losses.

However, and criminals do not always reach their goal. Last week in the affluent 16th arrondissement of Paris, the robbers attacked the star of the bollywood actress, Malika Sherawat and her companion. Using tear gas, they tried to Rob Indian actors. But this number is not passed, and the bandits fled empty-handed.

The coroner’s office in Bobigny, which deals with the case of the robbery on the A1 highway reports, so far “not detected any communication related to this RAID”. However, the investigation does not exclude that it mates with the robbery of a French businessman Philip ginestas, because there was the same modus operandi.

Ginestas, the chief Manager of the network of discount stores, left the Le Bourget airport in a taxi with his wife when another car ran into them from behind. Again three thugs in balaclavas took the passengers ‘ Luggage and valuables in the amount of 106 thousand dollars.

The A1 motorway that connects the airport. Charles de Gaulle and Le Bourget, Paris, has a bad reputation “highway robbery”. Especially in the tunnels near the entrance to Paris. Here the robbers use the fact that the movement is slowed down and easier to attack expensive cars, driven by foreigners.

In 2014, convoy of cars, one of the Saudi princes rode towards Le Bourget. Suddenly the robbers in masks and with weapons in their hands attacked the first car of the cavalcade Saudi, kidnapped 335 thousand dollars and disappeared. In 2015, the collector of paintings from Taiwan were robbed in the tunnel for several million dollars.

This month, the Prime Minister of France Manuel Valls announced that his government had adopted a plan to spend EUR 10 million on the installation of surveillance cameras and other security measures to museums, monuments, hotels, and other tourist spots in Paris, including the ill-fated A1 motorway. Will see if we can get the result of all these measures?

Especially hard for the French police was the Paris week of fashion last month. In Paris brought together couturiers and fashionistas from all parts of the world, hung with multimillion-dollar jewelry. It was then robbed TV star Kim Kardashian. At gunpoint they took away her jewelry for several million dollars. Media wrote about the toughness (or coolness?) not so many thieves, how many forms of matchless and terrified Kim.

Qatari sisters steepness do not Shine. These are two respectable matrons, one 60 and one 61…

Melor STURUA in Minneapolis

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