In Voskresensk, Moscow region attempt at the chief doctor of “ambulance”

Chief doctor of “Ambulance” of Voskresensk near Moscow have suffered from the attack of an unknown man right in front of his house. The attacker repeatedly struck with a knife of the doctor and shot him from a pneumatic gun.

photo: Gennady Cherkasov

As it became known “MK”, Wednesday around 7: 30 am 37-summer Yury Savkin went outside to warm up his car, a man went every day for it to work. Suspecting nothing, the medic stood quietly near the hood of the car when he was attacked by unknown. The villain shot him from a pneumatic and managed twice to stab a doctor. The man, despite his injuries, hands and back, has been actively defend. The assailant realized that he can not cope with the wounded, and in a few minutes withdrew.

Savkin yourself called a brigade of doctors “first aid”, which took him to a local hospital. There colleagues made him a successful surgery, and life is now chief physician of the ambulance is out of danger. It is noteworthy that after the attack the duty of the police Voskresensk the unknown called and reported that Yuriy Savkin near his house on Kuybysheva street received a gunshot wound. However, police arrived on the scene found no signs of a struggle and the victim, and the phone caller was already blocked. And just from the wires local doctors, police learned that the injured taken to hospital. According to police, the assailant had made no threats to the victim, and the recent conflicts with patients and at the household level in men was not. But, as found “MK”, about a week ago, the doctor had a row with local journalists. Reporters have conducted investigation on the disclosure of information about the dead. They came into the service of “emergency” and asked a few questions to Yuri Savkin. But he refused to communicate with them and called the security guard who escorted journalists from the medical institution.

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