It is proved that creativity is good for health and makes people happy

People every day are dedicating time to creativity, that feels better and, as a consequence, engaged in creative work more readily. The existence of such optimistic “vicious circle”, said novoselitskii psychologists representing the University of Otago, citing the results of its recent research


The researchers asked students 658 for 13 days to keep a diary, telling about what they did each day and what emotions were experienced. As it turned out, more cheerful all study participants felt after the dedicated time of a particular creative activity — for example, writing lyrics, poems or short stories, sewing, painting, playing musical instruments or cooking experiments.

If the volunteers found time for any of this, the next day they often were positive and felt confident. Improved and their health, in General, which, in turn, pushed the students to new creative achievements. However, as the researchers note, the dependence of the sentiment from the creative activities were more pronounced than inverse relationship — if the person was empowered, in particular, has increased the chances that he will feel the desire to do a day later.

However, the researchers point out that creativity increases the chances to be in a good mood the next day, and in a good mood allows you to work directly in the day when it was established, that if there is not “break the chain”, this relationship remains bilateral.

Experts say that a positive attitude strengthens the psychological health, and indirect and physical health.

Experts presented the results of their research in scientific publications Journal of Positive Psychology.

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